1 criminal and arrested, father-brother also acted, till now 14 went to jail and 19 and a half lakh recovered. 1 criminal and arrested, father-brother also acted, till now 14 went to jail and 19 and a half lakh recovered

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On July 22, the CCTV of the robbery was exposed in broad daylight.

In Agra, on July 22, the police arrested 1 accused who robbed Rs 40 lakh by entering the office of the courier company in the Rawatpara area of ​​​​the police station Kotwali in broad daylight. The father and brother of the accused have also been arrested for helping the accused. 4 lakh cash has been recovered from the accused.

accused omprakash

accused omprakash

On July 22, after entering the office of NM Courier Company in Tiwari street of Rawatpara, 4 miscreants looted 40 lakh rupees kept in the office on the basis of weapons. In the investigation of the police, three people were also found doing recce outside. On the basis of CCTV and other evidence, information was received about the criminals coming by bike and Scorpio car. On tracing the number, it was revealed that the accused belonged to Khandauli area.

On July 26, police arrested 5 people including 2 accused and associates and recovered Rs 4 lakh, after that on July 29, 8 lakh 49 thousand were recovered by arresting 1 accused and 4 associates. On July 1, 1 accused was arrested and Rs 3 lakh and Scorpio car were recovered. On Tuesday, 1 accused Omprakash has been arrested along with his brother Lobhan and father Khushiram. 4 lakhs of loot have been recovered from them. According to SP City Vikas Kumar, the accused were trying to escape somewhere near Kothi Meena Bazar. At the same time they were caught.

So far this has been recovered

According to SP City, till now a total of 14 people including the accused and their associates have been arrested and sent to jail. During this, 19 lakh 49 thousand rupees including 5 illegal arms and 1 Scorpio vehicle have been recovered. Efforts are on to arrest the other accused and recover the remaining amount.

Police is silent on hawala

The statement has been given by the accused in police custody that the former employee of the company had given information. He thought that no case would be registered due to hawala money. Despite this, the police is yet to confirm the sending of money by the people to the company, nor is it ascertaining the source of the money.

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