12 people including women, children and elderly injured in fighting over land dispute in Ayodhya | Due to the land dispute, sticks were thrown on women, children and elderly people, stones went fiercely, 12 people were injured.

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The injured were brought to CHC Bikapur for treatment under police protection.

A dozen people, including women, have been injured in a bloody clash between two parties over a land dispute in Bikapur area of ​​Ayodhya district of Uttar Pradesh. The case is of Sahajpur village of Bikapur Kotwali area. Where on Friday, after a mutual argument, the fight started. In the incident of assault, all the injured were brought to CHC Bikapur for treatment and medical under the protection of police. Where doctor Satish Chandra treated the injured.

fighting during an altercation

Tulsi Ram, a youth of one side, alleges that during a dispute over a land dispute by the people of the other side, a fight started, in which Tulsi Ram’s son Devi Box was 55 years old, Aarti 23 years old, Anjali 13 years old, Vishal 17 years old. There have been injuries.

The injured were referred to the district hospital

On the other hand Jamuna Prasad of the other side 40 years, Sheela wife Surendra Kumar 23 years, Rohini daughter Ram Kishun 16 years, Chadravati wife Ram Kishun 45 years, Anara Devi wife Jamuna Prasad 40 years, Karishma daughter Jamuna Prasad 13 years, Anchal daughter Jamuna Prasad 8 years old, Ravindra’s son Ramkhelawan 16 years old, in which Anara Devi and Vishal and one other doctor Dr. Satish Chandra have been referred to the district hospital after first aid. Circle Officer Satendra Bhushan Tiwari said that Tahrir has been received from both the sides and other legal action will be taken after registering the report.

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