12 police outpost in charge including 5 ssi and 46 sub inspector transferred in sambhal | SP Chakresh Mishra made 46 policemen including 12 outpost in-charge and 5 SSI from here to there, know who got the deployment

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Sambhal SP transferred the Thanedars.

In Sambhal district, Superintendent of Police, Chakresh Mishra has transferred more than 3 dozen inspectors including 12 outpost in-charge. While transferring a large number of Inspectors, the SP has posted many new Inspectors from the police lines to the police stations. At the same time, changes have also been made in the working area of ​​SSI of many police stations.

SP transferred 46 inspectors

Superintendent of Police Chakresh Mishra has transferred 46 Inspectors while changing the workspace of 5 SSIs and 12 outpost in-charges. SSI Viresh Kumar posted in Sadar Kotwali has been posted as SSI Gunnaur, SSI Hayatnagar has been posted to SSI Chandausi, SSI Gunnaur to SSI Sadar Kotwali, ASI Rampal Singh of Nakhas police station in-charge Babrala and SSI Dhirendra Gangwar of Bahjoi police station has been posted at outpost in-charge Aichoda Kamboh. .

Sambhal SP transferred the Thanedars.

Sambhal SP transferred the Thanedars.

12 outpost in-charges transferred

On the other hand, Superintendent of Police Chakresh Mishra transferred 12 outpost in-charges, outpost in-charge Junawai Rajesh Pandey to SSI Hayatnagar, outpost in-charge, Naroli Dehat to Yuvraj Singh, outpost in-charge Chaudhary Sarai, outpost in-charge Madakwali to Subhash Chandra, outpost in-charge Moradabad Gate Chandauli, outpost in-charge. Chowdhury Sarai to Sundar Lal, outpost in-charge, Narauli countryside, outpost in-charge Moradabad Gate Chandausi to Vinod Kumar, outpost in-charge TCL, outpost in-charge Sita Ashram Chandausi to Ramkumar, outpost in-charge Jijoda, outpost in-charge Dehpa to Virendra Singh, outpost in-charge Junawai, outpost in-charge PCL Balram Singh has been posted as outpost in-charge Madkavali, outpost in-charge Bairpur to Lal Singh Rana police station Gunnaur, outpost in-charge Babrala to police station Ajit Singh, outpost in-charge Jijoda to Amit Kumar police station Hayatnagar.

Inspector Sarvendra Kumar was made outpost in-charge Sita Ashram

On the other hand, Inspector Deepak Kumar posted in Sadar Kotwali, station in-charge Mandi Kishan Das Sarai from police station, Fatehgarh police station, Devendra Singh to outpost in-charge Dehpa, police line to Inspector Sarvendra Kumar, outpost in-charge Sita Ashram, police line to Inspector Radheshyam Sharma. Outpost in-charge Thana Gunnaur, Police Line Inspector Jagdev Singh and Sangram Yadav have been posted to Police Station Bahjoi, Police Line Inspector Narendra Singh to Thana Dhanari, Police Line Inspector Vijay Gautam to Police Station Hazrat Nagar Garhi and Sajid has been posted to Police Station Total Fatehgarh. .

Sambhal SP transferred the Thanedars.

Sambhal SP transferred the Thanedars.

Inspector Omvir Singh was sent from police station Sambhal to police station Baniyather

From Kotwali Chandausi, Inspector Pankaj Kumar to outpost in-charge Kailadevi, Thana Dhanari to Inspector Vikesh Rana, Outpost in-charge Sultangarh, Police Station Hayatnagar to Inspector Aditya Singh to Outpost in-charge T Point, Police Station Bahjoi to Inspector Akhtar Ali, Rajveer Singh from Thana Kolkata Ghar Police Station Chandausi, Inspector Omvir Singh from Police Station Sambhal has been posted as Police Station Baniyather, Inspector Soupal Singh from Police Station Hazrat Nagar Garhi and Inderpal Singh has been posted as Police Station Nakhasa, Inspector Munnu Singh has been posted as Police Station Chandausi.

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