13 complaints settled at women’s adalat

A dispute over payment of rent for a building during the current pandemic that had reached the police was settled at an adalat of the Kerala Women’s Commission here on Wednesday.

The advance for building, located in the city, is ₹2 lakh and the rent ₹20,000. However, the rent from April was due. As part of the settlement, both the parties agreed on the figure put forth by the commission.

Another complaint at the adalat pertained to a woman’s allegation of betrayal by her partner with whom she was living together for five years. The partner apparently was gearing up to tie the knot with another woman. The commission directed the Fort Assistant Commissioner of Police to take further action on the complaint.

On a woman’s complaint that her husband took control over her wealth after marriage and six years later separated from her, the man agreed to pay back the money. The first instalment will be paid on December 24. This was the second marriage for both.

The commission issued strict warning in a case in which a man arrested for a criminal offence got his mother to complain against the police. The complainants belong to a colony in the city. The commission said getting women in the family to complain against the police in the women’s commission when the menfolk were arrested was not right and could not be encouraged.

In one case, a woman complained that despite having five children, she was not visited by any. The commission directed that children should discharge the responsibility of looking after their parents. Following this, the children assured the commission that they would take care of their mother.

The adalat took up 60 complaints from the district. Of these, 13 were settled. Police report will be sought in four complaints. Forty-three complaints were put off to the next adalat owing to various reasons, including absence of opposite party.

Commission members M.S. Thara, E.M. Radha, Shahida Kamal and director V.U.Kuriakose were present at the adalat.

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