13 students test positive at St. Stephen’s College

Following 13 students of St. Stephen’s College testing positive for COVID-19, the college administration has issued a notice stating that the inner perimeter of the campus will be out of bounds for everyone while the outer perimeter can be accessed after relevant security checks.

“Faculty scheduled to come to college may defer it till a notification informs them of an improvement in condition,” read the notice.

Field trip

Earlier, college governing body member Nandita Narain had written to principal John Varghese raising questions over reports of students testing positive.

Ms. Narain had also raised questions over a college trip that took place in March. “Why was this trip organised by the college officials in the times of COVID-19 pandemic? Was the trip authorised by the principal? Was the consent of the parents of the students taken? Was permission of Delhi University and State government taken for organising such a trip in pandemic times?” Ms. Narain had asked in her letter to Mr. Varghese.

In his reply, Mr. Varghese confirmed that 13 students had tested positive for the virus and that the trip had been authorised by him following consent from the parents.

“As for the other questions, I shall answer them when I have a little more time to spare… the Dean’s Office is aware of the situation and necessary steps have already been taken in consultation with medical and civic authorities,” the reply read.


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