135 patients found in 24 hours, total 466 active cases; Infection rate greater than 3.2 | 135 patients found in 24 hours, total 466 active cases; Infection rate more than 3.2 percent

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Corona blast in Noida.

After 7 months in Noida, the number of cases found in a day in the last 24 hours stood at 135 on Monday. 327 patients have been infected in 3 days. On June 11, more than 28 patients were reported in the district. Since then the infection rate had slowed down considerably. Only one or two cases were being received, but in December the outbreak of Corona increased rapidly. At the same time 8 patients have also become healthy.

The number of active cases in the district has increased to 466. In the previous patients, the report of genome sequencing came negative, while the report of some patients is yet to come. So far 468 patients have died during treatment due to corona infection in the district. The number of infected patients has gone up to 63,981. At the same time, the number of patients recovering is 63,047.

The number of people coming from abroad in the district is 10 thousand

The number of people returning from abroad is increasing in the district. Now the number of people returning from abroad has exceeded 10 thousand. Of these, more than 2,300 are coming from high risk zones ie countries at high risk. Of these, 80 per cent have been tracked. So far, more than 700 samples have been taken for testing.

infected in january

  • January 1 – 61
  • Jan 2-131
  • 3 Jan-135

Decreasing test rate, only two thousand tests per day

Before the corona virus, where 4 to 5 thousand tests were being done daily, now two thousand tests are being done daily. If the number of tests increases, then the number of patients will also increase.

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