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1500 patients took benefit of the camp. 1500 patients took benefit of the camp: 27th foundation day of Maharaja Agrasen Bhawan Lohamandi, 160 will undergo cataract operation – Agra News

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A free health camp was organized to commemorate the 27th foundation day of Maharaja Agrasen Bhawan Lohamandi. More than one and a half thousand patients took benefit of the camp. Patients suffering from cold, fever, joint pain, allergies, eye irritation, hoarseness and vision problems also reached the camp. Along with women, more than 20 percent anemia problem was found in children also. 160 patients were selected for free cataract operation. Before the start of the camp, Havan was organized by the members of Maharaja Agrasen Seva Samiti and Agrawal Youth Organization. Most of the patients arrived with children and eye problems. Pediatrician Dr. Rishi Bansal said that more than 100 children were suffering from blood problems. Those who had symptoms like white or yellow body color, fatigue after playing a little, loss of appetite and irritability in nature. He advised the parents to feed them roasted gram and nutritious food along with seasonal fruits and vegetables. Ophthalmologist Dr. Pawan Kumar said that patients suffering from watery eyes, crackling and vision problems have arrived. The reason for which is change in weather and pollution. Physician Dr. Ashish Mittal said that such patients also reached the camp whose BP was up to 190.

Souvenirs given at the end of the camp Closing ceremony

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