16 Fake TTEs Caught at Kanpur Central Station, Were Collecting From Passengers; gang had given job by taking money 16 fake TTEs caught at Kanpur Central station, extorting passengers; The gang had given the job by taking money. 16 fake TTEs were caught at Kanpur Central station, were recovering from passengers; gang had given job by taking money

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  • 16 Fake TTEs Caught At Kanpur Central Station, Were Collecting From Passengers; Gang Had Given Job By Taking Money 16 Fake TTEs Caught at Kanpur Central Station, Collecting Passengers; Gang had given job by taking money

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If you are traveling in a train, and TTEs come to check your ticket, then be careful. Because TTE can also be fake. You can also check the I card of TTE before showing the ticket.

One such case has come from Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh. The GRP and RPF exposed the fake TTE gang at Kanpur Central station here on Thursday. The gang was extorting money from the passengers by becoming a TTE from the people.

3 gang members arrested

On Friday, the GRP has registered another FIR on the complaint of the youths who had been cheated. The role of railway employees has also been found suspicious. In the case so far, the GRP has arrested 3 thugs of the gang who made fake appointments in the Railways. Along with sending the three to jail, all the other fraudulent railway employees who were victims of fraud have been released. The investigation did not find any evidence against him.

GRP caught 16 fake TTEs

Not only this, the gang cheated the first 16 youths with the promise of a job, lakhs of rupees. After this, he was posted at Kanpur Central station by giving a fake appointment letter. This gang was extorting money from passengers traveling without tickets. GRP had caught 16 fake TTEs including the kingpin. Fake ID cards and appointment letters were found from all of them.

16 fake TTEs were doing recovery for many months

CO GRP Kamrul Hasan Khan said that on Thursday, the ticket checking staff was checking near the escalator on the city side along with Sunil Paswan and GRP. During this, a suspicious youth wearing a TTE’s I-card was caught while checking. During interrogation, he revealed his name as Dinesh Kumar, a resident of Panki Ratanpur. During investigation, he turned out to be a fake TTE.

After this, the GRP Inspector and the CO started the investigation, then it was found that not only Dinesh, 15 other TTEs at the station are doing similar checking with fake appointment letters and I-cards as well as recovering from passengers without tickets.

A young man named Dinesh is the leader of the gang.

When the GRP and RPF teams blocked the entire station and checked, 15 more fake TTEs were found. Dinesh was the kingpin of fake TTE gang. Due to this, he was sent to jail after registering a report against him in GRP police station under other sections including cheating. The role of others is being investigated.

Fake TTE gang was active at the station

GRP station in-charge Kirti Prakash Kanojia told that Rudra Pratap Thakur alias Dinesh Singh, a resident of Panki Kanpur, is the master of thugs. After investigation, two of his associates Pawan Kumar Gupta, a resident of P-Road and Shiv Narayan, a resident of Railbazar Faithfulganj, were also arrested. Together, all three made fake appointments in the railways and were posted at the central station. Police have registered a report against all three.

At the same time, now the second FIR has been registered against Rudra Pratap alias Dinesh, Pawan Kumar Gupta, Mohit, Shivnarayan Tripathi, Dinesh Gautam and Anuj Awasthi on the complaint of Ankur, the victim of the fraud. A team of GRP is conducting raids in search of absconding fraudsters.

Becoming a railway employee, working in the department, the railway is not aware

Haridwar resident Yasir Arafat, Farrukhabad resident Abhishek, Kanpur resident Manas Dwivedi and Farrukhabad resident Anuj Pratap kept working at Central Station for months with fake appointment letters and the Railway Department did not even notice.

Along with this, Ankur, resident of Haridwar, Jeenu Yadav, resident of Unnao Ajgain, Anand Kumar, Pradeep Kumar resident of Hamirpur, Gaurav Katiyar resident of Vijay Nagar Kanpur, Brijlal resident of Prayagraj, Pawan Yadav resident of Ballia and Vansh Gopal, resident of Saad Gopalpur in Kanpur were working in parcel department. But the railway employees did not even know. In view of this, GRP CO has also taken many railway employees under suspicion and is investigating.

The job was given by taking five to fifteen lakhs

During interrogation, it came to light that the vicious had made appointments at the station by paying Rs 5 to 15 lakh to the fake railway employees caught. Due to this, 15 youths who were caught doing jobs with fake appointment letters of Railways have been released. Along with this, other fraudsters associated with the gang are being searched.

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