16 Side Effects of Stress: Stress can reduce the effect of the vaccine, understand from the graphic that stress affects which parts of the body

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  • Stress Side Effects | What Are The 16 Signs Of Stress? Heart Attack, Chest, And Abdominal Pain

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  • Stress is a cause of heart attack, abdominal pain and muscle stiffness

If you are going to get Corona vaccine, then definitely read this news. American scientists have said in recent research that if you live under stress and depression, the effect of the vaccine may be reduced on you. If you understand in easy language, it can have an effect on the immunity that grows in the body after the vaccine.

According to scientists at Ohio State University, research suggests that the corona vaccine has an effect and connection to human mental health. In different research conducted so far, it has also been proved that stress can affect the body in 16 ways, not just on immunity. Stress causes cases ranging from headache to heart attack.

How to understand, struggling with stress

Psychologist Dr. Anamika Papadiwal It is said that if you feel weakness, sleeplessness, fatigue, abdominal pain and muscle pain, seek medical advice. These symptoms are associated with stress.

4 ways to maintain mental health

1. Do not stop talking to friends and family members
Do not keep distance from family, friends, relatives and relatives. Stay connected to them with the help of calling, message, conferencing. Dr. Anamika says, when we keep talking, negative thoughts grow less in the mind. Cases of stress and depression are mostly due to feeling lonely.

2. Keep yourself busy in your hobbies
The best way to overcome stress is to keep yourself busy in the things you like to do. Such as writing, gardening, dancing, workouts etc. While at home, trim your skills so that negative thoughts cannot enter your mind.

3. Listen to music, it relieves the sadness of the mind
Music works to fill energy in the depressed mind. It has also been proved in research. Whenever you are struggling with stress or depression, listen to music in between. It helps to release hormones in the mind that keep you happy.

4. It is not good to be closed at home all the time
If under stress, do not imprison yourself at home. Exit and move around. Plan an outing with friends. In this way meditation will be divided and the sadness of the mind will be removed. The more you keep yourself busy, the better.


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