18% Hike In Mumbai-Pune Expressway Toll Tax From April 1. See New Rates

Toll would remain the same till 2030 after this hike, officials said


Toll for vehicles on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, the first access-controlled road of the country, will increase by 18 per cent from April 1, officials of the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) said.

A senior MSRDC official said today that though the toll increases by six per cent annually, it is implemented cumulatively at 18 per cent after every three years, as laid down in a government notification of August 9, 2004.

The new toll will be Rs 320 for four-wheelers like cars and jeeps instead of the current Rs 270, and Rs 495 for vehicles like mini-bus and tempos instead of the current Rs 420, another official said.

Toll for two-axle trucks will increase to Rs 685 from the current Rs 585. For buses, it will increase to Rs 940 from Rs 797.

Three-axle trucks will be charged Rs 1,630 instead of Rs 1,380 and multi-axle trucks and machinery-vehicles will have to pay Rs 2,165 instead of current Rs 1,835.

Toll would remain the same till 2030 as there would not be any revision after three years in 2026, officials said.

About 95 km long, the six-lane Mumbai-Pune Expressway was fully operationalised in 2002. Toll is collected at five toll plazas, of which ones at Khalapur and Talegaon are the main ones.

Around 1.5 lakh vehicles use the Expressway everyday.

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