2 smugglers arrested including vehicle 2 smugglers arrested including vehicle

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Salempur police caught liquor smugglers

In Deoria, two smugglers carrying Haryana-made liquor to Bihar have been arrested by the Salempur Police along with liquor. Akhilesh Kumar Yadav, sub-inspector of Salempur police station, was on routine patrol with the police force. Then the informer got information about the arrival of the suspicious vehicle. On information, the active police team started waiting for the suspicious vehicle. Then a car of Bihar number appeared.

Haryana-made illicit liquor was in Swift car

The police force waiting for the suspect vehicle saw a white colored Swift car approaching. The police force signaled the car to stop. As soon as the car stopped, the other people including the driver were trying to escape. The active police force caught both of them.

Haryana made liquor recovered from car

When the police team searched the car, Haryana-made illicit liquor was found in it. 135 bottles of IMPEREAL BLUE HAND PICKED GRAIN WHISKY, 55 bottles of ROYAL STAGE PREMIER WHISKY and two broken number plates and four vertical number plates were recovered.

What did the station in-charge say

Salempur police station in-charge Kapil Dev Chaudhary said that Akhilesh Kumar God son Nathuni Prasad resident of Puraini Mishra police station Khukhundu age 22 years, Ram Pratap son Ramayan Prasad resident Singhai age 35 years has been arrested with illicit liquor. In this, Ram Pratap has been jailed in Bihar for smuggling liquor. A case has been registered against the arrested smugglers under IPC and Excise Act.

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