200 crore money laundering case: Conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar gave a huge amount to Pinky Irani to get Jacqueline Fernandez to meet

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A big update has come out about the accused conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar in the money laundering case of Rs 200 crore. It is being told that Sukesh Chandrashekhar gave a huge amount to his Pinky Irani only to introduce himself to Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez. Pinky Irani was recently arrested by the Enforcement Directorate. News agency ANI reported that ED officials have sent Pinki Irani and Sukesh Chandrashekhar to Tihar Jail on Friday. The agency said that they were asked the same type of questions separately and together and their statements were recorded.

Sukesh gave a huge amount to Pinky to meet Jacqueline
ED officials said that Pinky Irani introduced Sukesh Chandrashekhar to Jacqueline Fernandez and got a hefty amount for this work. Spending crores of rupees to get your work done is nothing new in this matter. ED officials had earlier found that Sukesh was paying crores of rupees a month to the jail staff of Rohini Jail so that he could run his extortion racket. He was given a complete barrack inside Rohini Jail. While he was free to use his two mobile phones, all the CCTV cameras were also covered.

Sukesh cheated the wife of former Ranbaxy promoter Rs 200 crore
ED has found that when Sukesh Chandrashekhar was in jail, he had duped the wife of former Ranbaxy promoter Rs 200 crore. Aditi Singh used to visit her husband Shivinder Mohan Singh, who was arrested in 2019 for misappropriating funds. Sukesh had met Aditi in jail, then he called her from a virtual number using a spoofing app and spoke as a central government official and demanded Rs 200 crore. Sukesh had promised Aditi Singh to get her husband Shivinder Mohan bail in return for that money. ED officials are now probing whether this money has been invested abroad.

Jacqueline Fernandez on Enforcement Directorate’s radar in money laundering case
Jacqueline Fernandez and Sukesh Chandrasekhar’s connection has already come under the radar of investigators as the actress received several expensive gifts from thug Sukesh. Jacqueline had told ED officials that Sukesh Chandrasekhar told her that he was associated with Jayalalithaa’s family and owned Sun TV and had also asked her to do films in the South film industry. Jacqueline also revealed that Sukesh came in contact with her through her make-up artist. When Sukesh Chandrashekhar was out on bail for some time earlier this year, he met Jacqueline and some photos of the two also went viral on social media. It is being told that apart from Jacqueline, Sukesh had also met actress Nora Fatehi and she was also given expensive gifts by the thugs.

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