23-year-old Ira shared her video about her mental health, said- I am clinically depressed

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  • Ira Khan reveals his depression on World Mental Health Day
  • Aamir’s daughter wrote in the caption of the video- let’s start a conversation

Ira Khan, daughter of Aamir Khan and his first wife Reena Dutta, has been suffering from clinical depression for four years. This disclosure has been made by Ira himself through social media. On Saturday, on the occasion of World Mental Health Day, he shared a video and made his point in front of everyone.

‘I’ve been in depression for four years’

In the video, Ira is saying- Alas! I am depressed. I have been in depression for four years. I went to the doctor. I am clinically depressed. But now I feel good and for the last one year I wanted to do something about mental health. But I could not understand what to do?

So I decided to take you on my journey and see what happens. Hopefully we will get to know ourselves a little bit better. Understand mental health better. Let’s start from where I started? What am i depressed about? Who am I to be depressed? I have everything, right?

‘Let’s start a conversation’

In the caption of the video, Ira wrote- A lot going on? Many people are saying a lot? Things are really confusing and stressful and easy and okay, but not right. Life is with everyone

There is no way to say it all. But I think I’ve found something, or at least understood how it makes a bit more sense. About Mental Health and Mental Ill Health. So come with me in this journey, my weird, quirky, sometimes childlike voice. Honestly as I can. Let the conversation begin.

Ira made a theater debut

23-year-old Ira made her theater debut last year with a play called ‘Euripides Media’. He directed this play. From this show, Varun Dhawan’s niece Anjini Dhawan made her debut as an actress.


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