296 active cases of Kovid in Meerut, increasing number of female patients. 296 active cases of Kovid in Meerut, increasing number of female patients

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On Thursday, 61 patients of corona have been found in Meerut. The number of corona patients has increased simultaneously in the district. The number of Kovid patients is increasing continuously for the last 10 days. Due to the increase in the number of corona patients, the district administration along with the health department has started increasing uneasiness. More and more investigations should be done of the contacts of Kovid infected. The number of women is also increasing rapidly

63 patients discharged

According to Joint Director Dr Ashok Talan, 2061 people were tested for corona in the district on Thursday. Of these, corona has been confirmed in 61 people. There are 23 patients who are admitted in the Kovid Center. The number of active cases of corona in Meerut has reached 296. 273 people are in isolation at their homes. 63 people were discharged on Thursday.

Corona is increasing in women too

The report of Corona which came on Thursday evening, out of these 61 people, 31 women are also involved. There are more contact cases among them. 3 to 4 members of the same family have been found corona positive. CMO Dr Akhilesh Mohan says that more and more investigations are being done for those found corona positive. The team is also working for the patients who are admitted to Kovid. Patients are getting corona positive even in the countryside.

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