3 doctors including the medical officer in charge were found absent, CMO asked for clarification. 3 doctors including medical officer in charge found absent, CMO asked for clarification

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The doctors responsible for health facilities in Deoria do not come to the hospital on time. The latest case is of Betalur PHC. When no doctor reached the PHC located in Betalpur till 9 o’clock, someone informed the CMO Dr. Alok Pandey. Dr. Alok Pandey sent Deputy CMO Dr. BP Singh for inspection.

Betalpur reached PHC on the instructions of CMO. During this, Medical Officer-in-Charge Dr. Anupam Dubey, Dr. DK Chauhan and Dr. Sapna Singh were found absent without notice. Ward boy and sweeper only met there. Dr. BP Singh has prepared its report and sent it to CMO Dr. Alok Pandey.

Doctors were also found absent on 6 May
Dr. BP Singh said that on May 6, the PHC was also inspected at Baitalpur. In this, all the three doctors including the in-charge were found absent. Dr Singh said that from today the Prime Minister’s Motherhood Protection Campaign has started. In such a situation, it is wrong for doctors to be absent together without information.

two days salary stopped
CMO Dr Alok Pandey said that such indiscipline will not work. The salaries of the doctors concerned will be suspended on May 6 and 9 and an explanation has been sought from them. If there is no improvement in the working style then strict action will be taken.

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