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3 Natural Juices To Help You Control Blood Sugar Levels

Most fruit juices don’t help in controlling diabetes and therefore we must exercise caution while having them..

The juice made from the leaves of the Sadabahar (Madagascar periwinkle) flower helps control diabetes quickly.

Science has proven that numerous herbs can help control diabetes. According to National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) research, there are over 800 trees and plants with anti-diabetic properties. The majority of these herbs have already been verified in Ayurveda. In most cases, people do not realise they have diabetes for a long period. Insulin production is quite low by the time it is discovered.

Today, India has become the diabetes capital of the globe and it affects 80 million individuals in the country, and by 2045, the number of diabetic patients will rise to 130 million, as per estimates. If you want diabetes to be under control for good, then read on for some scientifically proven natural remedies. Here are a few healthy juices to help you control your blood sugar level.

Sadabahar flower juice- According to a study published in NCBI, the juice made from the leaves of the Sadabahar (Madagascar periwinkle) flower helps in controlling diabetes quickly. Researchers from Andhra University and Sydney University collaborated on this project. In the trial, diabetic rats were given either juice prepared from evergreen flowers or medicine. Following this, it was discovered that the effect of Sadabahar flower juice on beta cells in the pancreas became particularly active in diabetic rats and insulin production surged and sugar was promptly regulated.

Tomato juice – According to Healthline, most fruit juices include a higher concentration of carbs. As a result, diabetic patients will not profit much from fruit juices. Instead, vegetable juice is good for them. Tomato juice would be a better choice as it contains several antioxidants and vitamin C, which immediately lower blood sugar levels.

Vegetable juice mix- According to Healthline, various vegetables quickly lower blood sugar levels. Green leafy vegetables are ideal for this. Combine them with fennel or ajwain leaves and blend the mixture with cucumber in a juicer. If you like, you can add berries or fruit to it for flavour but donโ€™t consume berries alone for the rest of the day. Drink this mixed juice first thing in the morning to control blood sugar levels in your body.

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