3 new departments will open in SGPGI, cancer patients will not have to go outside for treatment. Lucknow – SGPGI will initiate 3 new departments, decision taken in 96 general body meeting

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3 new departments are going to start in SGPGI. With the opening of these departments, cancer patients will not have to go out of UP for treatment.

The most premier medical institute of the state i.e. SGPGI is going to give great relief to the patients. Giving gifts to the patients, the institute has decided to open 3 new departments.

The important thing is that all these departments are very special and at present, the patients to whom this facility is being provided through these departments, those departments are not present in other medical institutions of Uttar Pradesh.

3 new departments will be started

Three new departments will open in SGPGI i.e. Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences. The 96th General Meeting of the Institute approved the creation of new departments for Head and Neck Surgery, Pediatric Endocrinology, Infectious Diseases and Vaccine Research.

Will be a boon for cancer patients

Chief Secretary Durga Shankar Mishra said that despite being the largest state, none of the hospitals in Uttar Pradesh had a head and neck surgery department. This department in the institute will treat head and neck cancer, which accounts for 21% of the total cancer cases detected in Uttar Pradesh.

Director prepared the blueprint

In the body meeting held in the institute on Wednesday, Director Prof. RK Dhiman and Registrar Col Varun Bajpai presented various agendas related to opening of new departments with administrative matters, increase in the number of resident doctors and academic courses.

This will benefit from the new department

According to Director Prof. RK Dhiman, after the creation of these new departments, head and neck cancer will be treated in a better and organized manner.

The Department of Child Endocrinology will deal with problems related to physical development and adolescence of children. The Institute started its first formal training program in Pediatric Endocrinology in the year 2001. After the formation of the department, now diabetes, obesity, thyroid and disorders related to children will get better treatment.

The same, after the Kovid epidemic, there was a great need for the Department of Infectious Diseases and Vaccine Development. The third new department will be dedicated to this. It will tackle infectious diseases like swine flu, Japanese encephalitis, viral hepatitis and corona. The availability of special treatment in new departments will benefit Uttar Pradesh in the long run.

seats will increase here

The General Body has also approved new courses in various departments including increase in seats for BSc and MSc in Nursing College. Alok Kumar, Principal Secretary, Medical Education, who was present in the meeting, gave suggestions for improving overall efficiency and improving academic standards.

With the opening of a new department, such patients will get research based treatment.

Prof. RK Dhiman told Bhaskar that this big step would prove to be a milestone for the institute. Especially the patients of the state are going to get a lot of benefit from this. With the opening of the new department, the cases of oral cancer will be treated in time. Apart from this, with the opening of the department related to the vaccine, research and research will be encouraged.

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