34379 patients were found in the last 24 hours, 195 died; No need for referral letter to be accepted in Lucknow, fees will have to be paid | 34379 patients were found in 24 hours, 195 died; No need for CMO referral letter to be admitted in UP

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Situation due to corona in UP

Within the last 24 hours, 34,379 corona patients have been found in Uttar Pradesh, while 195 infected patients died in one day. At present, there are 2,59,810 active cases in the state. The entire state, including Lucknow, has received great relief. Under this, CMO referral letter is no longer required for corona patients to be admitted, now people will be able to be admitted directly to hospitals.

The situation in Lucknow has become so serious that in the past two days, there is a report of oxygen exhaustion from the private hospital in one to two hours. 5239 new cases were found in Lucknow and the pleasant thing is that 6207 patients have been cured. 19 patients died, 54,967 patients are active now. CM Yogi Adityanath is reviewing all the state police commissioners, DMs and other officials from video conferencing to Kovid-19.

Patients admitted to direct recruitment will have to pay a fee from one level to 3 levels in two categories.
While issuing the amendment letter, the district officer in charge, Dr. Roshan Jacob, has written that the isolation ward for Level-1 infected patients will have to be provided with oxygen correction including beds 10,000 per day with 12,000 PPs in A category. Apart from this, non-NEBH hospital in metropolitan Lucknow of this category will have to pay 8000 per day and PP insect fee of Rs 1200.

Apart from this, ₹ 15,000 per day will be given 2000 kits separately with oxygen facility for Level-2 infected patients. 13000 in non NEBH with 2000 rupees kit key in A category. For Level 3 infected patients, in addition to ₹ 18000 per day, 2000 PPKit and 15,000 in non NEBH will be given 2000 additional PP kit.

CM Yogi holds review meeting with all the officials of the state
During the video conferencing with various officials of CM Yogi Adityanath, instructions have been given to stop black marketing of drugs from oxygen cylinders to Kovid-19 in the state. All DMs, Commissioners, ADGs, IGs, Captains, CMOs were associated with CM Yogi through video conferencing.

CM Yogi Adityanath has instructed all the CMs and DMs of the state to do as many Kovid-19 stings during this period. Instructions have also been given to set up an oxygen plant and stop its black marketing. CM Yogi Adityanath has given various guidelines while discussing with the officials on the state of Corona in the state. In the last 24 hours, there have been new cases of 2013 in Prayagraj, 1519 in Kanpur city, 1813 in Varanasi, 1023 in Ghaziabad, 1136 in Gorakhpur.

Patients in the city upset due to lack of oxygen gas

  • There are currently 2,59,810 coronavirus patients active in Uttar Pradesh. Only 54,967 patients are currently active in Lucknow. In Lucknow, patients are being treated in their homes due to lack of admission in hospitals. To meet the need of oxygen in the treatment of serious patients, people are standing in the warehouse, but they are not being given cylinders. Alam is that for the last two days, complaints of lack of oxygen are continuously coming in private hospitals in the capital Lucknow.
  • The administration of Integral University wrote a letter and said that we have only 2 hours of oxygen cylinder left. Integral University is undergoing treatment for 120 patients. After this information, there has been a stir in the administration and the administration claims that the wait has been made available of oxygen cylinders in the university.
  • The video went viral on social media of the family going to the school van to admit the ambulance in Durgapuri area of ​​Alambagh. At the same time, people who reached PGI for conducting Kovid test were seen pulling the form at the counter. Not only this, outside the private hospital, the patient was suffering inside the ambulance and the video of the billings outside the family hospital is becoming viral on social media.
  • Even after being directed by CM Yogi Adityanath, the persons who are going to take the oxygen cylinder along with the reference letter of the doctor and the case history of the patients in the gas godown are also unable to get the cylinder from the warehouse. People were worried about not getting oxygen cylinders from every side of the city.

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