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Although facial hair is not a serious malady but it can still impel many people to opt for removing them. Some people may have facial hair that could be too coarse and dark, making it unwanted to say the least. Moreover, presence of facial hair can dull your glow, can pose hurdles in blending of make-up products, or even intervene in working of skin care products. The decision to remove facial hair could entail resorting to processes like waxing, threading, and laser treatments. However, none of these are pain free, inexpensive or guarantee not harming skin while getting rid of facial hair.

Turning to natural ways of removing facial hair at home is something to look forward to if you want to avoid any pain or donโ€™t want to spend a dime. Home remedies do not remove facial hair but are said to lessen their growth. Home based solutions may also be effective in discouraging ingrown hair as well. Moreover, getting a facial removal treatment is nothing less than getting an effective and organic face mask. You would surprised to know that easy to find at home ingredients such as honey, baking soda, turmeric, egg, chickpea flour, etc can really work wonders. Beauty Guru, Shahnaz Husain discusses natural and ready to make at home methods to remove facial hair.


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