4 lane highway from Prayagraj to Kaushambi, Decision in the cabinet meeting, the state government approved Rs 808.94 crore. | Decision in cabinet meeting, state government approved Rs 808.94 crore

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The four lane will pass through the city western area for about 22 km.

In the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Uttar Pradesh Government held on Friday, the gift of 42 km 4-lane highway between Sangam city and Kaushambi has been received. For this, the state government has also approved Rs 808.94 crore. This 4 lane will work to connect the tourist places of Kaushambi via Prayagraj Headquarters, Railway Station Prayagraj, Airport. The special thing is that the government has set an ambitious target of making this 4 lane ready in 18 months.

Where will the 4 lane pass

Prayagraj Headquarters, Railway Station, Chowfatka, Rajrooppur, Kalindipuram, Jhalwa, Peepalgaon, TripleIT Institute, Devghat Jhalwa, Airport will connect Bhagwatpur directly to Kaushambi Buddhist tourist destination.

Where will it pass in the urban area?

The four lane will pass in the western region of the city for about 22 km, which will directly connect Bhagwatpur development block and airport to Prayagraj headquarters and Kaushambi tourist destination.

employment opportunities will increase

The four-lane road will lead to a massive increase in business along with new hotels and skill centers and other developments in the city west. The number of tourists will increase if the traffic becomes easy to the airport, railway station. This will increase employment opportunities. Youth will get benefit from immense employment in the tourism sector.

4 lanes at a glance

  • Total Distance -42 kms
  • From Prayagraj to the Buddhist tourist destination of Kaushambi.
  • Total cost – 808.94 crores.
  • Proposed time – 18 months.
  • 22 kms urban area in 42 kms.
  • Prayagraj headquarters and Kaushambi tourist destination will be directly connected to Bhagwatpur and airport.

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