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5 Gaurav Gupta’s Timeless Couture Pieces Inspired By His Love For Ancient Indian Philosophies – News18

Aarohanam is an enchanting narrative woven with rich indigenous techniques.

Couturier Gaurav Gupta’s Aarohanam collection won hearts at Paris Haute Couture Week 2024.

Gaurav Gupta welcomed Paris Couture Week into his enchanting world of Aarohanam through a magical presentation celebrating his love for ancient Indian philosophies.

“I am deeply inspired by ancient Indian philosophies. Within spirit and spirituality is creation. Am so humbled with the love ‘Aarohanam’ is getting. It has been exciting to explore new horizons, with creative collaborations within the GG team and globally,” expresses Gaurav Gupta.

Showcased against the celestial backdrop of a cathedral, the venue played the perfect canvas to highlight the signature silhouettes and ethereal colour palette Gaurav chose for the collection. When asked why they picked the cathedral to showcase Aarohanam and how it add to the collection? Gaurav says, “The cathedral gives out a sense of mystery, just like our collection. So, for Aarohanam, it was the perfect backdrop. Models gracefully glided in this sacred space, reflecting the journey from darkness to light. It perfectly blended ancient mysticism, surrealism, and haute couture against the backdrop.”

“The cathedral gives out a sense of mystery, just like our collection. So, for Aarohanam, it was the perfect backdrop,” shares Gaurav Gupta.

Aarohanam, a Sanskrit word that means ascension, has a deep spiritual significance, marking the journey of a being. Gaurav takes inspiration from this phenomenon and shares an enchanting narrative through distinct silhouettes.

“Our latest collection is inspired by Sanskrit philosophy. It’s all about the journey from the everyday to something more profound. Picture colours shifting from deep black to vibrant Agni orange, echoing inner awakenings. Think classic silhouettes with a twist, and intricate metalwork that nods to ancient Indian texts like the Vedas,” adds Gaurav.

Aarohanam featured rich indigenous techniques, including badla, mukaish, and zardozi, illuminated by multi-dimensional crystals, bugle beads and sequins.

The colour palette was curated in shades of black, Agni orange, reflective sand, and ether blue that were beautifully blended with silhouettes featuring a cropped jacket, exaggerated cape, fluid trench coat, and sculpted metal structure.

Here are five timeless silhouettes from Aarohanam that won hearts across the globe:

Beyonce Picked This One!

The model on the runway and (right) Beyonce in the Galaxy crystal jacket with embroidered bodysuit and boots.

The Galaxy crystal jacket with embroidered bodysuit and thigh high boots became one of the most loved creations from the collection. So much so that, the next time the silhouette was seen in public, it was adorned by legendary American singer-songwriter Beyonce Knowles Carter. The embellished jacket and bodysuit paired with the matching boots are what couture dreams are made of.

Rise of the Flame

A model in the flame orange sculpted wave gown.

A sculpted silhouette is synonymous with Gaurav Gupta couture. The vibrant shade of orange or as Gaurav addresses it, ‘Agni Orange, definitely set the runway on fire. The sculpted wave gown in orange echoes the flickering dance of a flame and is a perfect red carpet look on a global stage.

Of Light and Reflection

A model in the satin sand tendril wave-trail jacket with hooded detailing.

Hooded couture has been a red carpet favourite last year and Gaurav never fails to impress when it comes to hoods. This satin sand tendril wave-trail jacket exudes royalty with a hint of mystery. We look forward to seeing this beauty grace the red carpet in 2024.

Dancing Birds and Snakes

A model in the black draped pharaoh skirt with cast metal bustier.

Sculpted metal structures were introduced in this collection and we can’t get enough of how beautifully they were crafted. The black draped pharaoh skirt with a cast metal bustier features dancing birds and snake motifs that make it a masterpiece.

Sparkling Surrealism

A model in a silver sand beaded gown with reptile glass embroidery, paired with a silver sand embroidered balaclava.

Gaurav showcases his creative magic in this stunning silver sand beaded gown with reptile glass embroidery. The highlight of this artistic piece is the silver sand embroidered balaclava that beautifully blends with the silhouette.

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