5 Success Mantras for Entrepreneurship: Better execution of the idea… Differentiate yourself from the business

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There are thousands of youth – men and women – who dream of becoming successful entrepreneurs. These youth are the positive force who bring new ideas into practice, and give new products and services to the economy. They are the positive lifeline of a throbbing economic ecosystem.

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When someone decides to become an entrepreneur, he must first understand 5 fundamental truths. This can change the destiny of their project (business) in a big way.

This is especially true for first generation entrepreneurs.

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5 Simple, Profound Mantras to Successful Entrepreneurship

1) You are on your own

First of all, remember that you will be all alone on your journey. From the idea stage to the first experience of success, the entire struggle will be yours, and yours only. The emotional and physical demands of the business will be on you, and no one else. Later, when the business grows, a team will come into existence, but initially, at least for the first two to three years, you will be the captain of the ship braving the high seas.

Lesson – Prepare yourself for moments of intense personal struggle, all alone. If you are strong, you will come out of this.

2) Ideas have to be put into concrete action

Pretty soon, you’ll learn the simple lesson that the best idea you ever had, and that inspired you to become an entrepreneur, is only as good as its implementation. You have to give concrete shape to the brilliant ‘world-changing idea’ that makes you an entrepreneur! And it needs concrete steps that your potential customers can see and understand. Only a strong idea is meaningless in itself.

Lesson – Always judge yourself by your implementation discipline, not just ‘idea-richness’.

3) Identify and catch talent

Every great entrepreneur excels at identifying and capturing talent. The problem is, you can be the best hotshot in town, but you have to build a team. Slowly, but steadily and surely. And when building that team, you have to see that every element fits together well. A common language and culture is created, and you gradually build on it. No one else can do this and you should do this actively.

Lesson – Your idea has germinated. Now you have to water it, nurture it, grow it and make it a success.

4) Expect the unexpected

As an entrepreneur, you must develop the ability to see the coming forces that may affect your venture. There could be many – changing government policies, new foreign players, changed technology platforms, tightening funding markets, changing consumer preferences, changing labor market dynamics, etc. Each of these can affect your business in different ways. You have to watch, and discuss internally, and react accordingly. Staying put is usually not an option.

Lesson – Your mind has to be alert at all times, and ready for change and growth. You may not like this constant involvement, but there is no alternative.

5) Make sure you build personal wealth too

For many entrepreneurs, their venture is the end of the world. Their emotional and financial investment ends there. But this is a mistake. You as an individual also have to take care of your family. So start building up your own capital and assets separately from the company from the moment it is possible to do so. If, for whatever reason, the business closes, you will have a family to look after, and so your personal wealth will be the only material reality.

Lesson – You and your enterprise are two different things. Keep them separate.


So let us know today that by following 5 things consistently, you can become a great entrepreneur 1) You are on your own

2) Ideas have to be put into concrete action

3) Identify and catch talent

4) Expected the unexpected

5) Build your personal wealth too

So Sunday Motivational Career Fund is that the country and society need an entrepreneur like you, and it is your responsibility to make yourself successful.

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