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5 Ways Dogs Express Gratitude

Dogs express their thanks to those who care for them in the same way as humans do.

Noticing the modest yet significant gestures will help to deepen your bond with your pet. Here are five ways your dog might express gratitude

Dogs are loving creatures who never hesitate in showing love to their fellow beings or humans. Their love is said to be unconditional as they never leave your side and hold no grudges. Pet parents try to take the best care of their dogs and treat them to tasty dog food, toys or comforting cuddles. And just like humans, dogs too express their gratitude and thank the ones who look after them. But their way of doing so is slight different. Instead of using speech or words, pooches use gestures to say thank you. Now most of us remain oblivious of this behaviour and never really notice when our dog has come to us to say thank you. So, it is important to acknowledge these small yet important gestures to further strengthen your bond with your pet.

Here we have listed five ways your dog thanks you:

  1. Bringing toys: If your dog picks up a ball or something else and bring it to you then it could mean that he is trying to give you a gift. This is their way to say thank you and say that are important for them.
  2. Licking: Dogs often show their appreciation by licking their ownersโ€™ faces, hands or feet. This is a common way for these animals to show affection and is a sign that they are happy and trust the person they are with.
  3. Sniffing: Dogs use their sense of smell to communicate with their surroundings, and they often sniff their parents to show that they are interested in them. A dog may sniff its owner when they want to learn more about them while it may also indicate that they grateful to be near them.
  4. Eye contact: Dogs also try to make eye contact with their parents and try to establish a bond with them. If your dog feels cared and safe around you then he might want to stare at you to express affection.
  5. Tail wagging: When a dog wags its tail, it usually means he is happy and excited. It is seen in most of the dogs. Dogs especially wag their tails when they see their owners, which is a clear sign that they are pleased to see them.

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