513 new cases in capital

Consequent to the fall in testing, the COVID-19 case graph in Thiruvananthapuram continued its slump over the last few days. The district reported 513 COVID-19 cases on Monday, a marked fall from the 712 cases and 909 cases that were detected during the last two days.

Besides, only 3,331 people were tested during the last 24 hours, whereas the number of tests stood at 4,182 the previous day.

Testing has remained over 5,000 for several weeks in the district. Nonetheless, the test positivity rate was yet to drop below 15.

Probably for the first time in several months, no cases of confirmed COVID-19-related death were reported in the district on the day.

14 health workers

Among those who tested positive, 359 people are known to have contracted the infection through local transmission, while the source of infection in 137 others are unknown. Fourteen health workers also tested positive for the disease.

With as many as 747 people recovering from the illness, the number of active COVID-19 cases in the district stood at 8,835.

A total of 2,655 people were quarantined during the last 24 hours, taking the total number of people being monitored in the district to 25,143 in houses and 183 in various institutions.

Meanwhile, the district administration continued to crackdown on the violations of the prohibitory orders that were clamped in the district.

As many as 1,166 people have been taken to task by sectoral magistrates during the last two days for flouting norms.

These included 22 people who were nabbed for violating the COVID-19 protocol. While the sectoral magistrates slapped fines of 107 others for other offences, the police fined 55 people separately.

As many as 982 people were reprimanded and cautioned against repeating their offences.

In all, the authorities have initiated action against 11,076 people since the enforcement of the prohibitory orders to rein in the surge in COVID-19 cases.

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