551 new cases in Kollam

Kollam reported 551 new cases of COVID-19, 625 recoveries and one death on Wednesday.

Among the patients are 527 contact cases, 22 people with no known source and two health workers. The Department also confirmed that the death of an 80-year-old Kavanad resident is due to COVID-19. The district currently has 19,389 people under observation and the total number of samples collected is 2,71,554. While 2,544 people completed home quarantine on Wednesday, the Health Department has traced 59,139 primary and 7,220 secondary contacts of the positive cases.

With the last few days recording a considerable surge in caseload, the Health Department has ensured extra facilities in both government and private facilities in the district to handle the situation.

Along with the increasing number of new patients, spike in Category C was another major challenge faced by the department. According to Health officials, emergency measures have been activated and the district is fully equipped to manage with its own resources.

“Around 10 private hospitals in the district have now started admitting COVID-19 patients and more COVID-19 Second-line Treatment Centres (SLTC) will opened soon. All SLTCs will be attached to taluk hospitals so that COVID-19 hospitals can focus more on Category C. Local bodies have expressed their willingness to start ward-level SLTCs,” says Deputy DMO R.Sandhya.

The Department has also arranged special provisions for expectant mothers and patients who require dialysis. Pregnant woman and those with gynaecological emergencies will be admitted at Ramarao Memorial Taluk Hospital, Nedungolam if they test positive.


“If there is a surge, the hospital is prepared to take more patients,” she says. In order to manage dialysis cases, the department has started extra shifts at the units in some government facilities.

“Now the non-COVID-19 patients can depend on these hospitals and even if the situation aggravates we will be able to manage,” she said

The Department has also instructed private hospitals to encourage Category A patients to remain in home care. If the patients in home care develop any complications, the COVID-19 corners in taluk hospitals will handle them.

“Patients can go to all empanelled private hospitals with a referral letter from the department to get free treatment. Doctors can refer them to hospitals with vacant beds as COVID-19 Jagratha portal will have all the updated details,” says Dr.Sandhya.

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