7 years of ‘Gunday’: Arjun speaks on his friendship with Ranveer – difference between us like chalk and paneer, yet we are perfectly fit for each other

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10 minutes agoAuthor: Amit Karna

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The film ‘Gunday’ will be completed on Sunday (February 14). Actor Arjun Kapoor is sharing memories related to the film. During a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, Arjun said that the film has also given him a close friend like Ranveer Singh.

Why did Arjun quickly sign the film ‘Gunday’

Arjun told, ‘When Aditya Chopra Sir offered me this film, I was in the early stages of my career and I had hardly 6 months in this industry. In this film with a large commercial setup, the pair of two heroes were to work together. When I met Ali Abbas Zafar, the director of the film, I really liked his energy and treating the film like a big adventure, as well as his tremendous excitement. The film was a tribute to the memories of the old times and a tribute to the cinema of the 70s and 80s. I also grew up watching movies of that period. The film was topped by similar films by Mukul Anand and Subhash Ghai which featured bromance and gangsters.

Arjun-Ranveer proved to be fit for each other

I think the reason for this is that we both like each other off-camera quite a lot and also respect each other because we understood that a lot of things are common between us. To tell the truth, we both have a gap of only 10 days. The bonding between us was even more spectacular than we thought. It was a big deal for me that Ranveer had become my best friend. There is a difference between us like chalk and cheese, yet both of us have proved to be perfectly fit for each other.

Playing the role of gangster was quite exciting for Arjun

Talking about how Arjun’s bromance with Ranveer Singh was an instant hit, Arjun said, ‘To be honest, I liked the costumes of the film the most. Playing a gangster of the 70s was exciting for me. This was my first period film at the time. The way I was styled, presented, in addition to low-angle trolleys and tremendous treatment, running in slow motion, getting out of the train, getting on the coal train and so much more was awesome. . I think the presentation of this film was actually bigger than any third film I have received and it was very cool, very unique and also very exciting. You always feel that it takes a lot of hard work to reach this scale. But within the first six or eight months of my career, I was presented as a big action hero in my third film and I liked it very much.

Arjun talks about the film’s USP

Talking about the USP of the film, he said, ‘I think the synergy between Ranveer and me was the most special but the presence of big stars like veteran actors Irfan Sir, Priyanka Chopra in this film was also very special and with big budget. We all worked together in this blockbuster, which led to the production of such a great film. After a long time, the film with two heroes came on screen and its music was also liked by the youth. Certainly songs like ‘Tune Mari Entriyaan’ were very much liked by people all over the world. Six years ago we filmed that song extensively and wherever you went to promote the film, ‘Tune Mari Entriyan’ proved to be a tremendous hit.


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