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74 Years Of Inbavalli, The S Nottani Directorial Inspired By Arabian Nights – News18

The film was produced by Shyamal Pictures.

This romantic love story was widely appreciated by critics and audiences at the time of its release.

Inbavalli is one of the classic Tamil movies of all time. It was directed by S Nottani and starred TR Mahalingam and BS Saroja in the lead roles. The film was released in 1949. It completed its 74 years of release recently, on September 16. The romantic love story was widely appreciated by critics and audiences at the time of its release. S Nottani was one of the earliest cinema personalities. Even though he was a resident of Kerala, he mostly directed Tamil films. Being a Malayali native, he directed Malayalamโ€™s first talkie titled Balan in 1938. Prior to this, he directed the movie Santhanadevan in 1937, in which actress Mr. Radha played a prominent role. He also made superhit movies like Satyavaani and Bhaktha Gowri.

The story of Inbavalli revolves around a princess and a young man. In the film, the kingโ€™s daughter falls in love with a ministerโ€™s son. This was not accepted by the king and he falsely accused the young man of a crime. Due to this, the couple elopes together one night; a massive hunt begins for the lovers. While on the run, the couple encounters a magician, who is also interested in the princess. He captures the young man with the help of his tricks to present him before the king.

The movie then welcomes another twist, in which the young man encounters an old woman while being trapped. She converts him into a parrot which leads to his escape. After numerous twists and turns, the lovers are reunited. The movie is full of shocking turns, which keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

Inbavalli was produced by Shyamal Pictures and was made at Ratna Studios, Salem, Tamil Nadu. The movie was said to be inspired by the folklore, The Arabian Nights. The cinematography of the movie was handled by VB Jagtab. Its music was composed by G Ramanathan and the lyrics were penned by Rajagopala Iyer and KP Kamatchi.

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