750 kg of ganja seized from two inter-State smugglers

The Visakhapatnam district police seized 750 kg of dry ganja and arrested two inter-State smugglers near NTR Park in Araku, here on Tuesday.

Based on credible information that inter-State smugglers were trying to smuggle the weed, a police team led by Araku CI B. Pydaiah and Sub-Inspector Joga Rao organised a vehicle check near the park and arrested Rahul Kumar and Rajesh Paswan, both from Bihar. The police also seized 750 kg of ganja, which is worth around ₹75 lakh in the black market.

A hunt is on for the main kingpin Sonu Kumar, police said.

According to Mr. Pydaiah, the ganja was procured from interior parts of Visakhapatnam Agency and was being smuggled to Bihar in a van that bore a Nagaland registration number. The ganja was packed in 25 bags and concealed below a load of sweet potatoes.


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