8 crooks arrested for robbery, theft and cheating; Targets women and the elderly. 8 crooks arrested for robbery, theft and cheating; Targets women and elderly

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Gorakhpur Police has arrested 8 miscreants of inter-state gang. These miscreants living in Uttarakhand go to five states of the country and carry out incidents of robbery, theft and cheating. The miscreants of this gang especially target the elderly. On Saturday, 8 miscreants have been caught from the Cantt area with the joint effort of surveillance and Cantt police station. Stolen goods were also seized from them.

Elderly women are on target
SP City Krishna Kumar Bishnoi told that the arrested accused are residents of Thandanala village of Gadarpur police station of Udham Singh district of Uttarakhand. These people go to the states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Bihar apart from Uttar Pradesh along with their companions in a planned manner from the village itself. Stay there by taking accommodation on rent.

gangsters come out by forming gangs
After surveying the city, these miscreants make a team and roam around the banks and in the crowded areas in search of their prey by bike. Especially elderly women are mostly victims.

cheating in the name of god
SP City said, the miscreants first talk to a woman. Talk to them by telling them one or the other problem and by influencing them with the conversation, take them into confidence. In the meantime, his only friend comes. He narrates his problem, takes his money and goods and makes him walk 15-20 steps.

Then the man comes back and tells that I had a vision of God. Seeing all this, women believe. She also takes out her jewelry money and gives it to the miscreants. As soon as the women go some distance in the name of God, the miscreants run away with the ornaments.

STF commits fraud even as a policeman
SP City said, these miscreants run away by taking money from traders in the name of checking even as fake police and STF soldiers. Cases have been registered against them in Kanpur, Jaipur, Uttarakhand, in the past. The names of the arrested miscreants include Razakat Ali, Saif Ali, Rafi, Akram Ali, Saidu Hussain, Barkat Ali, Wazir Mohammad and Javed. All these miscreants are residents of Thandanala Gulrabhoj police station Gadarpur, Udham Singh Nagar, Uttarakhand.

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