8 lakh Greater Noida residents are yet to get ‘Gangajal’, work stopped due to protest. Government expressed displeasure over delay in Gangajal project,Due to a few people in Greater Noida, eight lakh Greno residents have not been able to get Gangajal yet.

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The thirst for Gangajal of 8 lakh Greater Noida residents has been stuck for the last 5 months due to the protest of a few people. Some people have been staging a sit-in at WTP in Palla since December 2021, due to which the commissioning work is not being completed, while the entire network of Ganga water supply has been prepared.

The government has also directed the Greater Noida Authority to complete this project at the earliest. In such a situation, if these people do not agree with the talks, then the help of the police will also be taken to complete the project. The authority has also sent information to the Commissioner of Police regarding this.

The proposal to bring 85 cusecs of Ganga water to Greater Noida through Upper Ganga Canal Hapur was first made in 2005 and between 2012 and 2014, the water supply network in Greater Noida area was prepared under this project. From 2017 onwards, construction of 23 km pipeline from Dehra to Jaitpur, water treatment plant and intake (initial treatment plant) at Dehra was started.

During this, a pipeline of 7.4 km from Dehra was to be done on the land of the Irrigation Department. The authority started the work after taking permission from the Irrigation Department, but in Hapur, the Forest Department stopped the work saying that the land belonged to the Forest Department. On the other part, the authority completed the work by 2018 as per the permission of the Irrigation Department.

Had to overcome difficulties in laying pipeline
After this 7 pipelines had to pass through the land of the villages. In village Ranauli Latifpur, some people created obstruction in the project. After this the authority explored other options and decided to lay the pipeline from NTPC land. Started work in 2019 by taking NOC from NTPC. The authority also had to struggle hard to lay the pipeline under the Delhi-Howrah railway line near Palla. Another hurdle was the gas pipeline of IOCL and GAIL. The authority resolved this after several rounds of talks.

Work also stopped near Eastern Peripheral Expressway
There was also a problem in crossing the pipeline from under the Eastern Peripheral Expressway. The work was stopped citing the safety of the expressway. In lieu of this, the authority obtained NOC by paying permission fee, processing fee and bank guarantee and got the pipeline crossing the expressway by working in trenchless method. In this way, removing all the obstacles, Gangajal reached the WTP of Palla in December 2021. At that time, the residents of Greater Noida hoped that now Gangajal would reach their homes soon.

Gangajal project work stopped
Meanwhile, some people sat on a dharna at WTP on the instigation of mischievous elements in Palla, while this land dispute was related to the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor, but the Greater Noida Authority’s Gangajal project was stopped. The commissioning of about 5 km of pipeline and WTP was to be done from Palla to Jaitpur, due to which the residents of Greater Noida would get Gangajal soon, but due to the protest of a few people, the work stopped. Some people are still sitting on dharna.

Government gave instructions by sending a letter
The Center and the Uttar Pradesh government have also expressed their displeasure over the delay in the project. The government has given instructions to complete it soon. The help of the police can also be taken for this. A letter has also been written to the Commissioner of Police for this on behalf of Aditi Singh, ACEO of Greater Noida Authority. If the protesting people do not agree to the talks soon, then the project will be completed with the help of the police, so that the residents of Greater Noida can get Gangajal soon.

Aditi Singh, ACEO of Greater Noida Authority, has appealed to the people to withdraw the protest and allow the project to be completed. On one hand, 8 lakh population of Greater Noida are deprived of fresh water due to incomplete Gangajal project.

Surendra Singh, CEO and Commissioner, Greater Noida Authority, said that the Gangajal project is very important for all the residents of Greater Noida. This will benefit all the people living in the sectors and villages of Greater Noida. The future of the coming generation here will also be safe from this. There is an appeal to the protesting people to allow this project to be completed. Otherwise, you will be forced to seek help from the police.

A look at the important dates of Gangajal Project

  • Gangajal project was announced in 2005.
  • Permission to work under Delhi-Howrah railway line in February 2019.
  • NOC from NTPC Dadri in July 2019.
  • In June 2021, the Forest Department gave permission to work.
  • Received permission to lay pipeline from IOCL in July 2021.
  • Permission to lay the line under Eastern Peripheral Expressway in October 2021.
  • Gangajal reached the WTP of Palla in December 2021.
  • Due to the opposition of a few people, the work got stuck from December till now.

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