8 months later, Innocent took breath out of the prison, came out of court after court order, delivery to aunt | 8 months later the innocent breathed in the open air; Aunty came out after court order, delivery received

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Kanpur9 minutes ago

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Children of those who supported historyheater Vikas Dubey, who were killed in a shootout in Kanpur, also had to go to jail. However, after the court order, the seven-year-old girl has been released.

Innocent children of those who supported the culprit Vikas Dubey have also suffered in the Bikeru scandal on July 2 under Choubepur police station in Uttar Pradesh. The 7-year-old has also suffered the punishment of his own people by staying in jail. But right after the late 8 months, the innocent has the opportunity to roam and breathe once again in the open air. After the court order, his aunt has taken his delivery.

According to the information, exactly the case of Bikeru scandal where the police started a crackdown on the accused. In this episode, the police also sent Dayashankar, who works under the criminal Vikas Dubey, and his wife Rekha, as accused, and sent them to jail. During this time, two daughters, aged 7 and 3, along with accused Dayashankar and his wife Rekha, also had to go to jail because after the arrest of accused Dayashankar and his wife Rekha, there was no one to take care of both the children, due to which both the children were He was also sent to jail along with his parents.

Mother’s daughter requested the court
Seeing both the innocent children facing punishment for the allegations of their parents, their aunt Guddi had submitted an affidavit in the court requesting to hand over the elder daughter to them. Aunty had given an application through the advocate in the court and said that the girl’s stay in jail can spoil her mental balance and her studies are also being affected. At the same time, he has not committed any such crime that he has to remain in jail.

Therefore, in order to ensure that the child is nurtured properly, the delivery of the child should be given, on which the Special Judge Dassu affected court ordered the delivery of the 7-year-old girl to her aunt, after which the 7-year-old innocent girl was given He has been handed over to his aunt while released from jail.

What did the lawyer say
Assistant District Government Advocate Ashish Tiwari said that during the hearing of the application of the innocent girl’s aunt in the court, the court has ordered the delivery of accused Rekha’s elder daughter to Rekha’s sister Guddi and the child’s Has been delivered

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