8 year old case: Bank employee made 2.5 crore transactions with foreign companies by opening fake account from customer document, revealed by ED

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Raipur4 hours ago

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The picture is of Maudhapara police station in Raipur. The police took 1 year to register the case after complaining about this case, it is being claimed that it took time to investigate the complaint.

  • Cheating with a businessman running an offset printer shop in Old Basti area of ​​Raipur
  • Deal with foreign companies through IndusInd Bank account, tax evasion is also a matter

Ajay Yadu, who runs a small offset printer shop in Old Basti area of ​​Raipur, was shocked when a notice was received from the ED (Enforcement Directorate). ED had sent summons against them in the year 2019. The case was of 2.5 crore rupees transactions. When Ajay rushed to the ED’s office in Pachperi Naka, he came to know about his fraud. Actually, he opened an account with IndusInd Bank some time ago. The bank employee created a fake company through their documents. Account was opened by fake name and foreign companies bought products worth crores. Now Ajay has complained about the case at Moudahapara police station. Police is looking for bank personnel who fraudulently used crores of rupees.

Greed for more interest
It is the year of 2011. Ajay told that the name of the bank worker who carried out this whole game is Manish Rao Kadam. Manish was a friend of Ajay’s brother-in-law. One day reached his shop and said that he will get more interest on opening an account with IndusInd Bank. After talking, Ajay gave all his documents to Manish. Manish opened his account with the bank. A few days later Ajay took out 8 thousand rupees out of 10 deposited in the account. After this the transaction closed. Ajay got busy with his normal life. Meanwhile, in 2012, Manish used Ajay’s documents in fake company Kanhaiya Sales. Due to the transaction of crores, this fake company came in the eyes of ED in 2019 and notice reached the address given in the company’s documents i.e. Ajay

I am upset due to the delay of the police
In the 8-year-old case, an FIR has been lodged against Manish, a bank worker. Ajay said that the police delayed taking action in this case. After receiving the ED notice in 2019, it was learned that his documents were used in a big fraud. According to Ajay- As soon as I came to know about these facts, on 31 February 2019, I gave a complaint application to Maudhapara police station. If action was not taken, another application was filed again on 10 January 2020. Ajay complained to the SSP, after investigating this, the police is now filing a report and claiming arrest, but in the meantime I was very upset.

Nothing at the company’s address, deals with Hong Kong and China
Through the documentation of Manish’s Ajay, he created a company named Kanhaiya Sales. The Modahapara police investigation so far found that the certificate issued from Gusmasta and CA in this company was also fake. The company’s address was near Telghani Naka. Nothing was found there either. After checking the statement of the account, it was found that home products were bought from Hong Kong and China. Millions of rupees were also paid. Ajay’s fake signature was used and big tax evasion was also done. Manish quit the bank in 2012. But kept using the account. Police is now tracing him.


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