9-day Ramlila Festival in Mathura from September 27, Mathur Chaturveda Parishad will organize. 9-day Ramlila Festival in Mathura from September 27, Mathur Chaturveda Parishad will organize

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Officials releasing the invitation magazine of Ramlila to be held in Samajwadi by Shri Chaturvedi Ram Leela Mahasabha and Mathur Chaturveda Parishad

Maryada Purushottam will now see the pastimes of Lord Rama in Mathura, the land of Lord Krishna. The 9-day Ramlila Mahotsav is being organized in Mathura from September 27. Organized by Mathura Chaturveda Parishad, this Ramlila will end on October 5.

Brainstormed on preparations by meeting

The 9-day Ramlila Mahotsav is being organized by Shri Mathur Chaturveda Parishad and Chaturvedi Ramlila Mahasabha. The Ramlila, which started on September 27, will continue till September 5. In connection with the preparations for Ramlila, a meeting was organized on Mathur Chaturveda Samajwadi on Sunday. In the meeting, the organizers discussed about the preparations.

Flag worship will be held on 22nd September

Program coordinator Rakesh Tiwari Advocate told that on September 22, flag worship and land worship will be done. Ramlila will start on 27th September with Shri Ram Janmotsav. Vishwamitra arrival on 28th September, Dhunush Yagya on 29th September, Laxman Parshuram dialogue, Kop Bhawan and Ram Van Gaman Leela on 30th September, Nishad Milan on 1st October, Ram Kewat dialogue, Dasharatha Goloka Gaman, Sita Haran on 2nd October, on 3rd October Lanka Dahan, Angad Ravana dialogue on 4th October, Ravana slaughter, Bharat Milap and Raj Tilak Leela on 5th October.

40 artists will do Ramlila

Kamal Chaturvedi, General Secretary of Ramlila Mahasabha said that in Ramlila, about 40 artists will contribute to their Ramlila and it will be staged in a grand manner. The organizers said that seating arrangements have been made for about 1000 people in this Leela. Along with this, the daily Leela will be the center of attraction.

be present in the meeting

Mahesh Pathak, National President of All India Teerth Purohit Mahasabha, Chaturvedi Ramlila Mahasabha’s Vice President Mathura Nath, Council Vice President Sanjay Chaturvedi, Ministers Neeraj Chaturvedi, Anuj Pathak, Sanjeev Chaturvedi, Gopal Chaturvedi, Amit Chaturvedi etc. were present in the meeting.

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