A bullion trader, including father and son, was also arrested, was absconding in November. 9 thieves arrested in Kanpur Dehat, two absconding

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This photo is of those accused who have been arrested by the police late night.

Akbarpur Police and SOG team of Kanpur Dehat has caught a gang of thieves late at night. There are 9 people including father and son in this gang. It is being told that two members of the gang have absconded. Meanwhile, the police has also arrested 1 bullion trader who bought stolen goods along with the thieves. The police have also recovered 4 pistols, 8 cartridges and 4 motorcycles along with jewelery worth 8 lakhs from the arrested thieves.

The theft incident was executed in November and July.

The incident of theft of lakhs was carried out by entering two houses in Rania under Akbarpur police station of Kanpur countryside on November 18 and July 18. Along with the Akbarpur police, the SOG team was also working to arrest these thieves. Meanwhile, the police and the SOG team got information from the informer that all the accused, who were involved in the theft incident, were present with Khanpur Kharja.

All of them are preparing to carry out some big theft incident. Immediately after receiving information from the same informer, Akbarpur police and SOG team laid siege and arrested Matru alias Bade Lal and his sons Shamshad and Chand Babu, Maqbool and his sons Sahil, Shahrukh alias Lambu, Shahrukh’s son Salim besides Yusuf, Badlu. During this, two of his companions, Shamsher and Baura alias Bauua, escaped by dodging. A police team is engaged in their search. At the same time, jewelery worth about Rs 8 lakh has been recovered on the spot of all the thieves arrested in the theft case.

Team set up to arrest absconding accused

Additional Superintendent of Police Ghanshyam Chaurasia said that the accused who carried out the theft incident in Rania in the past have been arrested. Along with them, a bullion trader has also been arrested. The stolen goods were bought by them. Along with this, two of his accomplices have absconded, for whose arrest a team has been set up. Soon the absconding accused will also be arrested.

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