A large number of police force including CO SHO were present. A large number of police force including CO SHO were present

Amethi District5 hours ago

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In Amethi, the shopkeepers who set up shop till the road by illegal encroachment, today the administration lashed out. In the presence of CO and SHO, the encroachment on the road in Musafirkhana town was removed by the administration. During this, a large number of local police and forces from nearby police stations were also present. After removing the illegal encroachment till the road, the CO warned the traders not to encroach again.

Campaign launched in Musafirkhana town

In fact, a drive to remove encroachments was carried out in Musafirkhana town of Amethi today. In the presence of CO Ajay Kumar Singh and SHO Amar Singh, a large number of police forces removed the illegal encroachments made by the traders up to the road. Seeing the police force that arrived suddenly, there was a stir among the traders. Gaya and the traders themselves got involved in removing the illegal encroachment. The traders who did not remove the encroachment were removed by the police. During this, CO Ajay Kumar Singh gave strict instructions to the traders and said that no trader should do illegal encroachment again, otherwise a case will be filed. Strict action will be taken after registering.

Traders were given strict instructions

On the same matter, Musafirkhana CO Ajay Kumar Singh said that today the illegal encroachment in Musafirkhana town has been removed. During this, strict instructions have also been given to the traders. Do not encroach till the drains again. Due to the illegal encroachment by the traders, there is continuous jam situation in the town.

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