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A massive fire broke out in the fair Shriramnagariya, VIDEO | A massive fire broke out in the Shri Ramnagariya fair in Farrukhabad, VIDEO: Many huts of Kalpavasi burnt, 7 devotees injured in the stampede; 3 Higher Center Refer – Farrukhabad News

Farrukhabada few moments ago

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Huts burnt due to fire.

Late Thursday night, a fire broke out in the camp of Kalpavasis at the fair Shri Ram Nagariya at Panchal Ghat in Farrukhabad. Within no time the fire took a huge form. During this time a large number of huts were affected. Due to this there was an outcry. The fire engines present at the fair tried to extinguish the fire. The fire was brought under control in about two hours. There was an atmosphere of chaos due to the fire. Due to which 7 devotees got injured in the rush. The injured have been admitted to the hospital for treatment.

In the fair Shriram Nagariya, the Kalpavasis perform Kalpavas for a month.

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