A middle-aged man had raped an eight-year-old innocent girl from the neighborhood, the police arrested her. Eight-year-old girl of the neighborhood was picked up and raped, the police arrested her

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Police arrested a youth who raped an eight-year-old girl in Kanpur’s Railbazar. The accused of raping the girl had fled the house after the incident. Police arrested the accused with the help of surveillance. After being produced in the court, he was sent to jail.

Did brutality with an eight-year-old girl

Railbazar police station in-charge Pradeep Kumar Singh told that the eight-year-old girl was playing outside the house. During this, 52-year-old Mo. living in the neighborhood. Raees took the girl inside the house on the pretext of feeding her toffee. After this, he tried to rape her by taking off all her clothes. During this, the family members of the girl while searching for her, Mohd. Reached Rais’s house. Seeing the girl’s family members got scared and ran away leaving the girl in the same condition.

The family members were also stunned when the girl narrated the incident while crying. After this, the girl lodged a report against the accused in Railbazar police station under other serious sections including Rape, Paxo Act. Railbazar police accused Mohd. Raees was arrested from a nearby house by raiding him. After this, after being produced in the court on Sunday, he was sent to jail.

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