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Old age and longevity are a few things that seem beyond control. But as per science, following a few healthy habits can certainly add years to life. Reading, exercising, eating healthy are the common ones that we all know about and another addition to this list is sex.

Sex is essential for us in more ways than one. It is not only about physical pleasure, but can also help to boost your mood, improve the immune system, lower blood pressure and can even promote longevity by cutting down your risk of heart disease.

Diet and exercise have always been linked with better health. Now researches have shifted their focus on another major activity essential. Several pieces of evidence link sex with longevity and low risk of chronic diseases.

Sex and heart disease

One of the best studies carried out to date to determine the effects of regular sex on health suggests that it may help to reduce the risk of heart disease and improve the quality of life.

The findings of the New England Research Institute is quite significant at the current time as cases of heart disease are growing across the globe and has become the leading cause of death. This claim is based on a 22-year long study carried out on 1,120 men and women under the age of 65. The findings suggest that regular intercourse may not only cut down the risk of heart disease but also reduce its unpleasant symptoms later. Active sex life also increases the chances of survival after the heart attack.

How often one should have sex
One of the most important factors is the frequency of intimacy before and after the event. People who have sex more than once a week before the heart attack were 27 per cent less likely to succumb to it, while those who had occasional sex had eight per cent fewer chances. When we talk about the frequency of coitus after the heart attack, then once a week can help to reap maximum benefits. In an ideal case, having sex weekly can increase the odds of survival by 37 per cent.

Other studies
This is not the first study that has linked sex with longevity. Another study carried out some years ago, reported in the American Journal of Cardiology also suggested that men with a low frequency of sexual activity have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease independently of erectile dysfunction. It highlighted that men who are sexually active likely have libido and the capacity for physical activity. And the ability to have sex can be an indication for overall health.


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