A pilot project commissioned for better railway communication

Mysuru Division of South Western Railway (SWR) is implementing a pilot project to enhance the quality of the communication network linking controllers and station masters, paving the way for greater safety.

The pilot project is being implemented in three railway divisions across India, and Mysuru is the first off the block to commission it. Based on the progress, the Voice over Internet Protocol-based Train Control Communication System (TCCS) is to be implemented in all railway divisions across the country.

The authorities said train traffic control communication between the Divisional Control Office and station masters at the wayside stations is vital for safe and efficient train operations. To strengthen it, the Ministry of Railways decided to commission a VoIP-based TCCS in one controlled section in each of South Western, Central, and North Western railways where the OFC system is available.

This scheme is being operationalised over the Mysuru Division of SWR between Birur Junction and Sampige Road and Hassan Junction and Arsikere Junction, covering 18 stations over a distance of 150 km.

The rail authorities said the distinct advantages of TCCS include better call quality, less noise, facilitating monitoring up to the endpoint, and adapting future technology upgrades in an existing system at a relatively low cost. Each controller has nearly 30 station masters with whom there is constant communication through conference calls, but the signals tend to be weak or accompanied by noise, which adds to stress. But the new system eliminates the noise to provide for better audio reception.

The new communication system was inaugurated last week in Mysuru by Ajay Kumar Singh, General Manager, SWR, Hubballi. D. Sreenivasulu, Senior Divisional Signal and Telecommunication Officer, SWR, Mysuru Division, led the technical team in harnessing this state-of-the-art technological tool in communications to pave the way for enhanced safety margins in train operations, said the authorities.


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