A plea to readers, as the artificial bots get better and humans-turned-into-bots get worse with reading

Like any social media writer, I always read the comments section very carefully. As comments are not that easy to get for a piece flirting with science, when I saw a grand total of three comments on my piece discussing nature of the universe and human intellect, I was really excited to read what they had to say.

As I carefully read through the five-hundred-word comments that had absolutely nothing to do with my nine-hundred-word piece, I am forced to discuss a unique crisis that we modern writers face today, and that is arrival of a new set of โ€œreadersโ€ who are crowding the online platforms.

We writers love readers, more the better, so the arrival of a new set of readers should actually make us happy, so what is the problem?

As tweaking social trends has big money involved, our world is hugely populated by an additional set of readers that never existed. These are automated bots that produce content/comments with an agenda and use brute force of numbers to infiltrate everywhere to make a funded-agenda look like a natural public opinion.

Bot-readers are getting better everyday thanks to rapidly improving AI that drives them but they still lack the human zing. As they latch on to key words (because they canโ€™t really read in human sense), they are unable to write comments with emotional connect and are often on a tangent that makes no sense.

Humans, on the other hand, when they could actually read, can make good comments, especially because they can ideate and offer new insights too, but the problem today is that such reader-comment-writers appear to have met the fate of the dinosaurs.

From the comments section, one can decipher that most human readers are also doing exactly what the bots do, and that is to latch on to a few key words and fabricate a personal interpretation without bothering to actually read. So, a modern writer either has an artificial bot-reader or a quick-gun Murugan human reader, both disinterested in what the writer has written but are commenting to drive their own agenda, related or not.

While the rise of the bots is scary, as they will soon have the power to tweak/control the collective opinions of humanity (if they are not already there), the rise of the new kind of readers amongst humans is even more scary because they are indicative of the real power of bots.

Humans are turning into bots because the bots are learning how to infect and turn humans into zombies.

As this phenomenon has started getting bigger, there is a dire need for the real human readers to rise and act. We all know that those who are commenting on social media platforms are hugely outnumbered by those who read silently without opining. They are the real readers who can and must save the future of writing.

We need genuine readers to start making an effort to express their thoughts and show that they exist. If they donโ€™t do that soon, the art of writing that will have to succumb to the market pressure that bots and human-bots are building rapidly.

So, if you have actually read all the way down to this five-fiftieth word of this piece, it is my humble prayer to you to start taking the pain and comment when you read a piece. You are desperately needed to save writers.

If you wont do your duty, even writers will soon turn into bots.



Views expressed above are the author’s own.



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