A ray of hope for Ongole siblings suffering from rare genetic disorder

Seven-year-old Lashith Venkata Naga Ayyan and his brother Mokshith, who are suffering from spinal muscular atrophy, a rare genetic disorder, hope for a cure as the Jana Sena Party has promised to take up their cause.

JSP Prakasam president Sk. Riaz, who met the siblings on Wednesday, assured their father D. Vinay Kumar to arrange for financial aid. He presented Mr. Vinay Kumar a cheque for ₹30,000 as his personal contribution and urged the Union and State governments to create a fund to ensure treatment to such children.

The parents of the children had took to crowdfunding route through ImpactGuru to meet the cost of treatment of around ₹16 crore. It is still a long way to get the needed money as they could raise over ₹30 lakh so far with more than 1000 persons chipping in with their contributions. Mr. Vinay Kumar appealed to people to contribute for the cause.


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