A unique school in Kanpur, where classes in train coaches, railway minister praised on twitter | Where the class seems to be in the coach of the train, the railway minister praised the tweeter and said – such experiment gives children inspiration

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In Kanpur, UP, a school like a train compartment has been prepared. On knowing this, the Railway Minister also praised it.

  • The walls of the school of Behata Gambhirpur, the High Council School in Bhingaon, are painted red.

A government school in inner village of Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh has uniquely designed the school and the rooms in the school have been given the look of a train coach. Just as the train coaches are red in the same way. It has been decorated with Which is being discussed all over the country at this time. At the same time, Railway Minister Piyush Goyal has done this government school through Twitter and said that such experiments are motivating children to come to school. According to the information, the walls of the school of Behata Gambhirpur, the High Council School in Behgaon, have been painted red. The school has been designed so beautifully that children enjoy the express train in the school rooms. He feels as if he is studying in an express train. After which the number of children studying in the school has also increased and children are now coming to school on time.

Inspiration from youtube
If he believed the teachers, the school’s principal had seen pictures of a school in Rajasthan on YouTube to give a facelift to the council school Behata Gambhirpur. On YouTube, Rajasthan or the school was looking completely at the railway coach, after taking a photo, after talking to the school’s Gram Panchayat officer, the school’s principal said that his school should be given the same view as the railway coach. The design was prepared and made the school like a railway coach. Now this initiative of the school administration has come in quite a lot of headlines.

The school has been given a complete train look.

The school has been given a complete train look.

Railway Minister praised on Twitter
Railway Minister Piyush Goyal, while sharing the school’s photo on Twitter, praised the school, saying that a school in Kanpur, Bhairgaon, was painted as a train coach to encourage and encourage children to attend school. Experiments of sorts are motivating children to come to school.

What bid headmaster
Principal Ella Pandey spoke on the phone, the school looked exactly like the express compartment. It has been appreciated by everyone when the university got a new look. And children are also getting attracted towards school and the number of school children coming to school is also increasing.


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