Aamir Khan said on South vs Hindi cinema: We have to choose a story that connects the grassroot level, most people do not understand this

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These days Aamir Khan is in the news for his upcoming film Lal Singh Chaddha. Some people in social media are also demanding to boycott his film. At the same time, Kangana has alleged that the mastermind behind this is also Aamir.

Currently, Aamir is busy promoting the film. Meanwhile, he reached Karan Johar’s chat show Koffee with Karan as a guest. Here he talked about why South VS Hindi cinema and Bollywood movies are not doing amazing at the box office.

Story to connect grassroot level man – Aamir
Actually, in the show, Karan asked Aamir, what changes do we have to bring in our films looking at South Cinema and it is your responsibility the most. Because after 2001 you started making films for a certain audience.
On this, Aamir replied saying- ‘No Karan, you are speaking wrong. All my films have been Hindi films. There was emotion in these films. These films touched the audience emotionally and they affect the people connected with the land. I do not mean that you make action films. You make such films, whose topic or story connects people at the grassroots level.

You have to choose the topic wisely – Aamir
Talking further, Aamir said- I am not saying that we are doing something wrong in the Hindi film industry. I am not even speaking for anyone, because the filmmaker makes the film very carefully. The audience has to choose the topic and story that impresses, most of the people are not able to understand this.

Kangana Ranaut's post.

Kangana Ranaut’s post.

Aamir has started negative things
Kangana Ranaut has claimed on social media that the mastermind behind the boycott of this film is Aamir’s hand. He wrote, ‘I think all the negative talk about the upcoming film ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’ has been started by the master mind Aamir Khan himself. This year so far no film has become a hit except a sequel of a comedy film.

Due to these 3 controversies, there is a demand to boycott Aamir’s film.

1. It was said on intolerance – the environment of the country is bad
Aamir had reacted a few years back on the increasing intolerance in the country. He had said that he is feeling scared for the first time about his children, because the environment of the country is very bad. At the same time, he had also said that his ex-wife Kiran asked him whether we should leave India? Kiran was feeling scared about the safety of her child.

2. Insulted God in PK movie
People are also angry about Aamir’s last film ‘PK’. People say how Aamir made fun of ‘God’ in the film and ‘insulted’ ‘Hinduism’.

3. Confession of offering milk to the idol of Shiva
Aamir had said in his show ‘Satyamev Jayate’ that it would be better to feed a child than to offer milk of Rs 20 on the idol of Shiva. There was a lot of controversy on this matter as well. Now people are saying that instead of spending money on ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’, they will feed poor children.

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