Aamir Khan’s son Junaid is not getting a break in Bollywood, Starkid, who is craving for launch, has been rejected in auditions for many films

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Bollywood starkids are notorious for their place in Bollywood on the basis of nepotism. It is said that his parents already established in Bollywood leave no stone unturned to get him a dream launch, after which his path to make a place in the film world becomes easy. But this is not the case with Junaid, son of Aamir Khan. Junaid has been trying to make his Bollywood debut for a long time but till now he has been failing.

Junaid rejected

Recently, it was being said that Junaid would be seen in the Hindi remake of the Malayalam hit Ishq which is being produced by Neeraj Pandey. But according to the latest reports, Junaid has not received this film. Actually, Junaid had auditioned for casting in this film but he has been rejected because of which his dream of making a Bollywood debut has been shattered.

According to sources, Junaid met several casting directors without the help of his father. He auditioned for several films but was not a success. He has been doing theater for the last three years.

Junaid, who was an assistant director

Junaid has worked in the TV show Master Minds. He also assisted the director Rajkumar Hirani as Assistant Director during the film ‘PK’. Junaid studied theater acting with the American Academy of Drama Art.

Aamir is strict

On his children’s Bollywood entry, Aamir Khan said in an interview, “My children have to follow the entire process before working in films. They have to audition and pass the screen test. Without audition, they cannot even work in my home production. My children Junaid and Ira are keen to enter Bollywood, but if they do not desist, then I will not be able to actively support them. ”Junaid’s mother is Reena Dutta, Aamir’s first wife. Junaid is currently 23 years old.


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