AAP criticises BJP for ‘ruining’ city parks, latter cites NGT orders

The Aam Aadmi Party on Thursday attacked the BJP over the “bad” condition of parks in the city, and alleged that they are drying up despite Delhi government’s offer to provide water.

AAP chief spokesperson Saurabh Bharadwaj said that under 14 years of BJP rule, the corporations have ruined the Capital’s parks.

“The lack of irrigation is turning these parks into dry lands. Saplings that would have potentially turned into big trees tomorrow are not able to fully bloom and trees too are drying up. This single mishap by the civic bodies has halted the efforts taken by the residents of Delhi to curb pollution. It has undone the work done by the Delhi government in collaboration with the people in the last five years. This step is also distancing the people of Delhi from their 18,000 public parks,” the AAP leader said.

“They want this increase in pollution to be attributed to the Kejriwal government so that the people of Delhi lose faith in the government. The Delhi Jal Board [DJB] had also prepared a proposal of ₹850 crore for laying down a pipeline from the STPs to the parks as a permanent solution for the civic bodies. The DJB even split the cost of the project among various agencies. The civic body refused not only to pay but also to comment on the proposal when it was sent by the DJB to it for review,” he said.

In response, Delhi BJP spokesperson Praveen Shankar Kapoor said that Mr. Bharadwaj has again played dirty politics on the parks borewell issue being removed on NGT’s guidelines.

He has tried to portray as if the civic bodies are liable to make alternate arrangements for watering of parks while the truth is that as per the orders of NGT, including the latest order on March 26, the DJB is bound to provide free water for parks to civic bodies.

The point 2 of NGT’s order dated March 26, clearly states that Delhi Jal Board will by itself provide at its cost treated water for watering of Parks from its STPs by laying pipelines and till the pipelines are it will supply through Tankers.

NGT order clearly tells that Delhi Jal Board will hire tankers at is own cost to supply to water to civic bodies for watering of parks as a statuory duty.

He said that it is said that Mr. Bhardwaj has chosen to misread and misreport an order of a constitutional body and we will bring this to the notice of NGT Chairperson.

It will be better if instead of issuing misleading statements against the civic bodies, the AAP leadership issue funds to help further improve some 15,500 parks maintained by the three civic bodies.


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