AAP Party Protest in UP Chandauli Against GST, Fuel Price Hike; Writes To PM Narendra Modi | Someone wrote a letter to PM Modi against inflation and someone wanted to buy petrol instead of blood

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Chandauli17 minutes ago

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Worker of AAP party to buy petrol reached Chandauli by hanging blood bottle.

  • Today, Aam Aadmi Party workers protested in Nukkad meetings in many areas of Chandauli

The period of protest by opposition parties over the persistent price rise of petroleum products continues. In this sequence, Aam Aadmi Party also protested in Chandauli district on Wednesday. During this time a unique way of performance was seen. On one hand, while activists wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in blood, he pleaded to reduce the price of rising diesel petrol and LPG, while some workers reached the pump to buy petrol by hanging blood bottles like glucose bottles. Activists said that the central government should rein in rising prices. The general public will definitely answer this in elections.

Chaos at the petrol pump

The Aam Aadmi Party demonstrated today at Chandauli. In Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Nagar, activists led by party spokesperson Santosh Pathak reached a petrol pump and wrote a letter to PM Modi to curb the price rise of petroleum products rising from his blood. In the Sakaldiha area, Aam Aadmi Party workers reached the petrol pump to collect petrol in exchange for blood. Which caused chaos at the petrol pump for some time.

Letter to the Prime Minister written with blood.

Letter to the Prime Minister written with blood.

The public will teach a lesson

Spokesperson Santosh Pathak said that the Yogi government and the Modi government at the center are constantly increasing GST and VAT on petroleum products. Due to which petrol and diesel as well as LPG prices are also increasing rapidly. People’s life has become difficult. Daily use items are also becoming expensive. The central government should withdraw and curb the rising price hike. Otherwise, the general public will work to teach a lesson to the BJP government in the coming elections.


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