Aapbiti: Ayesha Takia and her husband Farhan Azmi misbehaved at Goa airport, security officers made racial and sexual comments

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Actress Ayesha Takia and her husband Farhan Azmi have recently been the victim of misbehavior at the Goa airport. Farhan himself shared this post on social media. In the post, he has alleged that the security officers present at the airport have misbehaved with him. However, Goa Airport has later apologized to Farhan Azmi on this matter.

Actually, Ayesha Takia and her husband were recently returning from Goa to Mumbai with their son. During this, he was stopped at the Goa airport. After reading Farhan’s name, some officers separated him from the family and started misbehaving with him. Farhan Azmi has told about this whole incident by sharing some photos of misbehaving security officers on social media.

I was separated from my family as soon as I read my name
Farhan Azmi shared the photos and wrote, “Dear @CISFHQrs I was boarding the 6:40 flight @IndiGo6E 6386 for Mumbai when Racist Officers RP Singh, AK Yadav, Commander Raut and SP Category Senior Officer Bahadur named my name. I was separated from my family as soon as I studied.” According to Farhan, airport officials also made sexual and racist comments on him.

Farhan Azmi told in another post that the matter escalated when an officer not only tried to touch him, but also asked his wife and son to stand in a separate line. Whereas, other families stood together during the security check. They were not made to stand apart and were not asked. Farhan said that he told that officer not to touch any woman during checking and keep distance.

Racist officer made very lewd sexual remarks
Farhan further shared the third post and said, “Thing did not stop here. Senior officer Bahadur again signaled to a guard of CISFHQrs, who was ready to scare me. Also made sexual comments. I had only 500 rupees in my pocket.”

Goa airport apologizes to Farhan Azmi
Seeing the matter escalating, Goa Airport apologized by commenting on Farhan Azmi’s post. The airport wrote, “We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you and your family during the journey. This matter will be investigated.”

Let us inform that Farhan Azmi is the son of SP leader Abu Azmi. Farhan and Ayesha Takia got married on 1 March 2009. After two years, that is, in 2011, the actress had distanced herself from acting. In 2013, Ayesha gave birth to son Mikael Azmi.

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