Absconded through the roof of the police station, police is investigating the matter. Absconded through the roof of the police station, police is probing the matter

Bhadohi (Sant Ravidas Nagar)38 minutes ago

There was a stir in Aurai police station of Bhadohi district when an accused who was caught with ganja absconded. It is said that on the pretext of going to the toilet, the accused reached the terrace with the help of the stairs built inside the police station and fled from there. Police is engaged in search of the accused who fled from the police station.

Police arrested the accused with Ganja

Police said that a youth named Bhullan Bind was arrested with ganja. The arrested accused was kept inside Aurai police station, a case was registered against the accused by the police and further action was being taken in the matter. After having dinner on Monday afternoon, the accused asked the policemen to go to the toilet, on the pretext that the ladder which was made from inside the police station office to go to the roof climbed on the roof with the help of the ladder and escaped from there.

Police engaged in search of absconding accused

Giving information, Additional Superintendent of Police Rajesh Bharti said that last night a young man named Bhullan was caught with ganja, who ran away from the roof by climbing the ladder inside the police station, investigation is being done on the negligence of the police personnel. At the same time, the police raided many places for the arrest of the accused, but till now he has not been arrested.

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