Accused Dhirendra released the video and said – had warned the authorities, but no action was taken; Police placed a reward of 50 thousand on the accused | Accused Dhirendra released the video saying – had warned the authorities, but no action was taken; Police placed a reward of 50 thousand on the accused

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  • Accused Dhirendra Released The Video And Said Had Warned The Authorities, But No Action Was Taken; Police Placed A Reward Of 50 Thousand On The Accused

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A video has emerged of Dhirendra Pratap Singh, the main accused in the firing in Ballia, UP, in which he has given clarification on his own behalf and blamed the administration for the incident.

  • Shot in the dispute over allocation of ration shop in Durjanpur village of Ballia
  • After the dispute, a man was killed in the presence of top officials on the spot.

Police is also searching for the third day of Dhirendra Singh, accused of killing a villager in front of officers on Thursday in Durjanpur of Ballia district in Uttar Pradesh. Now the police has declared a reward of 50 thousand on the accused. With this, Subhash Chand Dube, DIG, Azamgarh Range, has also announced a reward of 50 thousand rupees on 6 named absconding accused. All the accused will also be tried under gangster and NSA.

Here, a video of Balliakand accused Dhirendra has gone viral. In this, he has described himself as innocent and accused the police very much. The accused said – had given a letter to the officials that it was not right to have a meeting without security. Officers held a meeting with the headman.

Accused blames administration for violence
Accused Dhirendra Singh denied the allegations in the video and blamed the administration for the violence. He said- “I don’t know who fired. I was pleading with the authorities to save my family. They stood there and kept watching. I am a soldier. I have always believed in serving my country.” .I urge the Chief Minister for a fair inquiry.

Dhirendra said that I had requested for adequate security force for the meeting. Local authorities and police are to blame for this. He said- My old father fell into an uproar yesterday. My family was beaten up with sticks. I was seen beating in the video. I am a Rajput. I proudly served the Army for 18 years. I managed to free myself and escape. They wanted to beat me there.

Dhirendra said – Yesterday a lot of top officials were present for the meeting. I had already warned them that violence was about to happen. But they kept meeting. The officers were involved in the violence. They took the money.

MLA Surendra Singh defends the accused
A BJP MLA defended the accused after the incident came to light. He argued that the accused fired in self-defense, which led to the death of the villager. Dozens of his family would have been killed if he had not fired in self-defense. If many people from the other side are badly injured, they should also be listened to.

The MLA further said- the incident should be condemned but the justice side should also be kept in front. Anyone who has committed a mistake should be punished. If someone is shot, then he should also be punished, but those who have killed 6 to 6 people with sticks and sticks should also be punished. This is my request to the administration, there is an appeal.

MLA said – Kshatriya can also leave politics for society
MLA Singh targeted former CM Akhilesh Yadav. Said – Just as Akhilesh does politics of the Yadavas, in the same way if needed, I can also leave politics to protect the Kshatriya society. He is the guardian of the Yadavas, so I am also a Kshatriya foster.

This is the case
A youth was shot dead in front of police officers and SDM on 15 October in Ballia, Uttar Pradesh. The incident was from Bairia village of Durjanpur. CO Chandrakesh Singh, BDO Bairia Gajendra Pratap Singh and SDM Suresh Pal had reached here to settle the dispute of two government ration shops. The dispute was between Dhirendra Singh and Jayaprakash alias Gama Pal. It is alleged that Dhirendra shot 4 bullets in Jayaprakash’s chest and escaped. Dhirendra is said to be close to BJP MLA Surendra Singh.


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