Accused of burying the corpse in the house after killing an innocent, arrested for injuries to the teenager’s head | Accused arrested for killing a dead body in a house; Injuries to teenager’s head

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Bulandshahr23 minutes ago

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Harendra, an accused in the incident, has been apprehended by the police. File photo

A sensational incident of brutal murder has come to light after the rape of a teenager in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh. The accused in this case killed the teenager and buried the body in a deep pit in the courtyard of his house. However, on Tuesday, the police recovered the body of the teenager in a naked state from a deep pit in the house of the accused and started investigation. Meanwhile, the police have arrested Harendra, the accused who killed the innocent and buried the corpse in the house.

According to the information, on 25 February, the teenager was working with his family on the farm. Meanwhile, she left for Harendra’s house to drink water, but the daughter did not return. The family searched around but could not find any clue of the teenager, then the family members made a complaint in Anoop Shah Kotwali. The police started the investigation by registering the missing person. Two days later, Harendra suddenly escaped.

Inside the house, the dead body was pressed with mud
When the family members suspected him, he nominated Harendra and gave him a tahrir again. At the same time, the police and family were searching in the house of the accused on Tuesday that in the courtyard of the house of the accused, the police was found to have carved soil. When the police tried to remove the soil, the dead body of the teenager was found buried in a deep pit. The police somehow pulled out the body of the teenager.

Suspicion of murder after rape
The teenager had deep head injuries and a stone stained with blood in the pit has also been found by the police. It is being speculated that after the rape, the teenager was killed with a stone. At the same time, police have taken the forensic samples at the scene. The family has demanded the government to sentence the accused Darinda to death sentence, pleading for justice.

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